Day 19: Find Students per Instructor

It’s getting busy! 10 more days until the end of the module. That means my final project and my final assessment are almost ready to begin. Because of this, there will likely be less writing and more technical practice for the next two weeks. So let’s get into it!

Scrabble tiles form the word practice
Scrabble tiles form the word practice
Picture by Brett Jordan

Today’s mission

Find the students per instructor the following two data sets.

Day 18: Object.entries

Today we are going to do more learning. Just like Object.assign, I am also pretty fuzzy on Object.entries. I want to spend today exploring Object.entries and what it does.



Object.entries takes in one object as an argument, like most other object functions we have seen at this point. However to retrieve the output for Object.entries we need a little extra code. To retrieve the entries within our object we need to use a for loop. Inside this for loop we have a very specific syntax ‘const [key, value] of Object.entries(object)’. This part of the code almost acts like it is…

Day 17: Object.assign

Today I want to do some self-learning on Object.assign. So let’s get into it.

Writers block
Writers block
Source :


Object.assign is similar to object.keys and object.values. One key difference for Object.assign outputs an object instead of an array. Another difference is that it takes in 2 objects instead of 1; one target and one source (example: Object.assign({target}, {source}). The method will combine both objects into one object. Okay sweet!

What about similar keys?

So what happens when each of those objects contains the same key? Object.assign will overwrite the property in the target object with the key in the source object.


Day 16: More Practice

Day 16! Today I spent some time practicing my iterator methods. What better way of doing that than revisiting some exercises with JSFun! JSFun is the practice repo we received in mod2 to practice our Javascript Fundamentals. (Side note — I have had this repo for over 15 weeks and I just now noticed JSFun is short for Javascript fundamentals. LOL! The things you realize when you actually have to write out your thought process. Or maybe I’m just not the sharpest crayon in the crayon box. Or maybe both?) Either way, let’s get into it.

Code snippet of the solution

The quest

Find the beer with…

Day 15: Object Practice

Day 15 of Coding! Today I want to switch it up. Instead of writing a lot today, I want to spend some time practicing with objects. It’s important to keep practicing my array iterator method skills for the technical interviews to come. So let’s get into it!

Chess board with a pawn in the center with a crown.
Chess board with a pawn in the center with a crown.

The question:

Can we fulfill the orders given the inventory?

Day 14: Object.keys & Object.values

Today is dedicated to Object.keys and Object.values.



Object.keys takes in an object as an input. It outputs an array of all of the keys within an object. Objects are made of key-value pairs. A key-value pair is a line of data with two data points. A key is a label or name for a piece of data. A value is a data type that describes the key. A value can be a number, a string, a function, and so on. If I have 100 oranges; Oranges would be the key and 100 would be the value. Consider the example below…

Text editor on a laptop
Text editor on a laptop

Day 13: What should I learn next?

This week we wrapped up our first project of Mod3. I loved creating my first project with React. It makes my job as a developer a whole lot easier using React rather than plain, vanilla Javascript. For the next two projects in Mod 3, I’ll be getting even more practice with React.

In Mod 4 we are grouped up with the backend cohorts to create a final capstone project. Even though it’s still 4 weeks away I am thinking about what other language I want to pick up to make my skill set more versatile. …

Day 12: React Router

This week we were introduced to another technology, React Router. I am still pretty fuzzy on how to implement it into my application. So I think today would be a good day for me to review React Router

Server cables plugged into a server
Server cables plugged into a server

What is React Router?

Let’s break this down. What is routing anyway? Routing refers to keeping a webpage up to date with the current-url. As of now, I have mostly been creating apps that live on a single webpage. This simplifies the creation process immensely for the developer but can hinder the user experience to a great degree.

By having a single web page without React…

Day 11: Project Complete!

View my latest project:
View the code:

Today we got our feedback for our first mod3 project. This project went incredibly well! I want to reflect on three wins but also three things I could improve on for future projects.

Home page view for our project
Home page view for our project
Home page view for our project


  1. I love the way it looks! The UI is super clean. The stars could be closer to their movie posters to ensure we know which movie they are displaying information for. But I feel we handled the loading really well. I like the addition of gray rectangles to signify the page is loading the components.
  2. Getting an application…


Today is dedicated to my little friend Reduce. Reduce and I have a love-hate relationship. At first, I despised being reduced. It confused me. It made absolutely no sense. But then over time, I began to see the magic of Reduce and how powerful it is. Now I have trouble not using reduce since it’s so versatile. There is usually a better, more direct method that can be used in most cases.

Coffee poured from a pot into a beaker
Coffee poured from a pot into a beaker

Reduce is an array iterator method. Reduce will take in an array as an input and output what is known as an ‘accumulator’ (acc). It’s magic lies within…

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