Shawn McMahon

Photo by Denis Degioanni

Todays Mission:

Return an object with keys of the different colors of the stars whose values are arrays containing the star objects that match


blue: [{obj}, {obj}, {obj}, {obj}, {obj}],

white: [{obj}, {obj}],

yellow: [{obj}, {obj}],

orange: [{obj}],

red: [{obj}]


The Data



Day 19: Find Students per Instructor

It’s getting busy! 10 more days until the end of the module. That means my final project and my final assessment are almost ready to begin. Because of this, there will likely be less writing and more technical practice for the next two weeks. So let’s get into it!

Scrabble tiles form the word practice
Picture by Brett Jordan

Today’s mission

Find the students per instructor the following two data sets.



Day 15: Object Practice

Day 15 of Coding! Today I want to switch it up. Instead of writing a lot today, I want to spend some time practicing with objects. It’s important to keep practicing my array iterator method skills for the technical interviews to come. So let’s get into it!

Chess board with a pawn in the center with a crown.

The question:

Can we fulfill the orders given the inventory?